Oct 28

Acidic or Alkaline foods?

Foods are usually classified as acid or alkaline. Classification is depending on the residue that foods leave in the body after metabolism.

Some of the information on the web recommends that you have a total acid or a total alkaline diet to solve some diseases and their symptoms. However, it may be better for your body to have a combination of the both types of diet. It would seem that a balanced acid/alkaline food intake would maintain better overall health. Going to one extreme or the other in regards to acidity or alkalinity in your diet may lead to health problems. If you take it to the extreme conditions may arise such as acidosis which occurs when the body fluids become too acidic, or a condition called alkalosis may develop when the fluids become too alkaline.

All foods are rated acid or alkaline based on their pH value.

Pure water has a pH value of 7 is considered neutral. Alkaline foods have a pH above than 7 and acidic foods base have pH lower than 7. As examples of acidic based foods, most of the grains, meats, dairy products and nuts and legumes have acidic base. As examples of alkaline based foods, most of the fruits and vegetables have alkaline base. Most cooked foods are alkaline as compared to the raw foods.

It is said that the modern and western diets usually are too acidic to maintain good health, which is attributed to the lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is still controversial, however, common sense agrees that modifying the diet to get a better balance of fruits and vegetables can only help your overall health.

The basis for all the controversy is the lack of understanding of how foods metabolize and how foods are rated. Foods like lemon and orange juice are acidic in nature but they turn alkaline when metabolized in the body. Here is an example of the controversy. For dietetic purposes, lemon and orange juice are considered as alkaline forming foods even though they are acidic before consumption and other fruits such as plums, cranberries and prunes are considered as acidic because the body is unable to metabolize the acids that these fruits contain.

And of course we MUST add, it is important to consult your doctor before trying any new diet. Only a doctor can recommend an alkaline diet be given to people suffering from acute or chronic kidney failures and people with heart diseases and on medications that have an effect on the potassium levels of the body should check first with their doctor before changing their diet.

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