Sep 30

Fighting Swine Flu: Immune Strengthening Foods

One simple thing that you can do is to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system will lessen your chances of contracting this flu. In addition, washing your hands frequently, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest is key.

Stay calm, stress will put a lot of strain on your immune system. When your immune system is weakened you are more vulnerable to this flu. Do more of things that help you relax and get plenty of rest and sleep. Your diet can stress the immune system, eating sugars, and refined flours and foods high in calories and low in nutrition will weaken your immune system. Eat more vegetables and fruits for additional vitamin C which really helps to boost your immune system.

You can also take vitamins that you can purchase here at Quisenberry Pharmacy. Vitamin C is an antiviral and an antioxidant, it helps to protect your cells from viruses and chemical stress. Vitamin A also helps to boost immune system but is often neglected. Current research can confirm that viruses and bacteria lowers the levels of vitamin A within a human body. Be cautious, too much of vitamin A can be toxic. Let us help you pick the proper dosages for you.

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