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Oct 10

Alzheimer’s Disease – The Epidemic of the Future

We  now live in an aging society. It is common to see people living well into their eighties and longer. We are seeing more Alzheimer’s disease each year and this will continue to increase and affect many more lives in the future. It is now estimated around thirty million people worldwide, will suffer from this …

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Oct 05

Stomach Flu, Common Cold and Influenza Disease

“Just the facts ma’am” The influenza disease, or Flu, affects the upper respiratory system. Flu symptoms can vary, but are often similar to the common cold. The major exception is relatively high fevers which are almost always present in cases of the flu, but rarely in adults who have a common cold. The Flu is …

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Sep 30

Fighting Swine Flu: Immune Strengthening Foods

One simple thing that you can do is to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system will lessen your chances of contracting this flu. In addition, washing your hands frequently, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest is key. Stay calm, stress will put a lot of strain on your immune system. …

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Sep 24

Swine Flu

The swine flu is a specific type of flu that is very common in pigs or otherwise known as “swine.” The swine flu has symptoms that are similar to the regular flu. Even though it is quite rare for a human to have swine flu, it is possible for a human to contract the swine …

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